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Stratewood 1979

From left to right-Marty Peterson-guitar & lead vocals. Norman Kut-Bass. Chris Lambert-lead and harmony vocals, tamborine. Ron Molson-drums&percussion, lead & harmony vocals. Gord Kut-guitar lead & harmony vocals. Stratewood was a very unique act for it's time. Dressing alike, the name on the t-shirt were marketing concepts for this very vocal band. 4 part harmonies and a very huge variety of music made this one of the Peace Country's most popular bands for several years.

Stratewood at MooseMusic Weekend, 1988

Jamming in '88 are The original members of "Stratewood", one of the Peace Country's favorites of the famous "young bands" of the 1970's. Consisting of (from left to right) Ron Molson (arrangements,drums,percussion,lead vocals,harmony vocals) Gord Kut (electric guitar, lead and harmony vocals) Norm Kut (bass),Marty Peterson (electric guitar, lead vocals)

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