Yamaha MB11 Motion Bass

This is the 2nd Yamaha Motion Bass that I have owned. The first one I bought at National Music in Calgary for $800 in Jan 1988. It was a black MB111. I sold it to Bernie Steward in 1988, and bought this one in November of 1988 from National Music in Calgary for $1,100.00 It is a beautiful playing medium scale bass that sounds wonderful live or for recording. A lot of people have used it on their recordings. You don't see many of these around.

My Telecaster

This is my son Tristan playing my 1992 C-neck Fender Tele. It is a Japanese reissue of the 1962. This is simply a wonderful guitar and everyone who plays it loves it. It has been played a lot on stage by guitarists like Buz Gardiner, Dave Milner, Andie Ferraz, Nilan Ritter, and myself. It is autographed by B.B. King and the autograph is protected by clear lacquer. It was signed by him in 1995 before he signed an exclusive contract with Gibson to only autograph Gibson's guitars. It is stock, plays and sounds great.

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