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Mighty Peace Records: Indie Label (Canada) Dick Twang Band, Jess Lee, Inspected By 40
Chartoons Music Publishing:

Verna Charlton Discography-Single Releases To Radio

You're Still Mine (Curtis Keding) SOCAN 1990
Heartaches and Slow Moving Songs (B. Steward) SOCAN 1991
No Place I'd Rather Be (B. Steward) SOCAN 1991
Anything To Get My Mind Off You (B. Steward) SOCAN 1991
Between Your Heart And Mine (Clark/Alger) SOCAN/ASCAP 1992
Still In Love With You (Keding/Leigh) SOCAN/ASCAP 1992
Soft Lips To Kiss (B. Steward) SOCAN 1992
Breakin' All Over Town (Tillis/Staley) BMI/ASCAP 1993
Do What You Did (Williams/Fagan) ASCAP 1993
Fire In My Eyes (Charlton/Leigh) SOCAN/ASCAP 1994
Another Wrong Mr. Right (Williams/Brannon) ASCAP 1994
Family Pictures (Peterson/Alger) SOCAN/ASCAP 1994
Third Time Lucky (D. Peverett) ASCAP 1997
She's So Many Women (Charlton/Murphy) SOCAN/ASCAP 1997/98
Bobbies' Song (Curtis Keding) SOCAN 1998


-"Family Pictures" (Peterson/Alger)

"Third Time Lucky" Mighty Peace Records MPCS001, 1996
-"Bobbies' Song" (Keding)
-"Too Little Too Late" (Steward)
-"Leaving's Not As Hard AS The Goodbye" (Keding)
-"Scars" (Peterson)
-"Drive, Drive, Drive" (Keding)

Compact Disc Albums

-"100% Dick Twang"  Dick Twang Band Twang Records 1993
-"Born In The North" Jess Lee Mighty Peace Records 2004
-"Cougar-Bait" Inspected By 40 mpcd111404 2004
-"You Don't Know Dick" Dick Twang Band mp043005 2005
-"Third Time Lucky" mpcd001-V Charlton out of print 
-"My First Ten, Radio Play"- V Charlton out of print
-"Breakin' All Over Town"- HitSound Records, The Netherlands, (European release only) Sweetlake CD 90167, 1994

other recordings on CD-
-CKWX (Vancouver) "Winner's Circle" Compilation Series-
1994- "Family Pictures"