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Thank You for visiting the Chartoons Webpage. Last update April 17/2005. We are always looking at promoting these songs and all are available for recording and or sale.Please email Chartoons c/o

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Chartoons Music Publishing

Chartoons Music Publishing began in 1996. Chartoons is registered with SOCAN, the Provincial Governments, ASCAP, BMI, and The National Library of Canada. The purpose of Chartoons is to publish and promote the songs in it's catalog. The list of these are below.

Songs Published by Chartoons

-Bobbies' Song (Curtis Keding) SOCAN (c) 1996

-Leaving's Not As Hard As The Goodbye (Curtis Keding) SOCAN (c) 1996

-She's So Many Women (Verna Charlton/Ralph Murphy) SOCAN/ASCAP (c) 1994

-Scars (Marty Peterson) SOCAN (c) 1996

-Drive Drive Drive (Curtis Keding) SOCAN (c) 1996

-Family Pictures (Marty Peterson/Pat Alger) SOCAN/ASCAP (c) 1994

Chartoons Music Publishing